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RF CRAZY focus on the IoT comminication products and total solution more than 10 years rich experience in wireless industry. We have core software and hardware R & D team, also we strive to offer professional products and service. So far, RF CRAZY own independent wireless protocol stack, software and hardware patents and intellectual property rights, including industrial and medical IoT products 、Bluetooth(BLE)  、WiFi 、 LoRa、24GHz-77GHz Millimeter Waves Radar、UWB、Sub1G-5.8G modules and smart gateway,etc. Meanwhile, we can provide fully one-stop product solution services according to customer’s requirement. Our products main application is industrial IoT, smart vehicles, logistics and transportation environment monitoring, object and personnel positioning, sensor networks, health care, smart home and wearables, various consumer products and smart hardware and mobile phone computer peripherals and other fields.

RF CRAZY aims to make everything connecting easily, we committed to provide perfect design and high-quality products. We provide a fully one-stop solutions for iot connectivity,more efficient and faster services will enhance your business’s value.


RF CRAZY’s engineering and design services include:

●  SDK                                             

●  PCB Design                                 

●  Firmware Development                                  

●  Smart Products For IoT               

●  APP Support

●  Depth Customization

●  One-stop IoT ODM and OEM Services

●    Industrial AIOT, Gateway, Router, DTU, High Precise Positioning, Radar Measurements etc... 

●    WiFi, BLE, LoRa, ZigBee, UWB, 24GHz-77GHz Millimeter Waves Radar Modules and total solutions

We focus on:

Module and Total Solution:

WiFi, BLE,LoRa,UWB,GNSS,ZigBee,Matter,Wi-SUN, 24G-77GHz mMWR,Wireless Energy Acquisition,RF FEM,High Gain Antenna......


Smart/Edge Calculation Gateway(NB.4G.5G.LoRaWAN),Router,DTU,Data Transducer,Serial Server,GPS Tracker,High Precise Positioning,Jammer,Radar Measurements......

R&D and production testing instruments involve: signal generator, frequency analyzer, network analyzer, WIFI/Bluetooth tester, 3D microwave anechoic chamber, automatic module testing, shielding room, high and low temperature aging vibration test box.


Factory :  300 employee, Area: 9000 m² , SMT-9 lines, DIP-2 lines, Weld -4 lines, Package, Test and maintenance lines, 3D Microwave Darkroom , Shielded Room

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